Let me give you a taste..

..0f a pain that will last forever

Or how 2 fuck your shit up..


Stipped it and threw some junk parts on it..

Did a fork chop to lower the front but it's still to high..
Chopped a inch of the chainstays to tuck the rear wheel but 
it still looks like a piece of shit!..

Feels super boaty and uninspiring to ride to..

p o c

working on this but it's a struggle..

Belt buckle


Trying to figure this out..

It's a a new level of weirdness


Shit parts for Shit Bike..

 7 euro 17 T cog - 6 euro Sram pc 1 chain and a used Sugino 51 ring..

Trash bag

Found more out door gear on my ramblings.

Old 80's "Caravan" sleeping bag..

Bit bulky but might be usefull for casual camping..

Like the colours though.. 


Faking it..

Dirt Bag

Ten minutes before finding this i thought to myself that I need
some loaner backpack for the next camping trip with the kids..

The Junk God allways come trough..

Took a knife and strpped it from some of the bullshit
straps and what nots.. 

Waaaay to many zippers, there's four only in the lid!
If you need that many comparments to keep your stuff
Lid pocket is for map/snacks/phone and thats about it..

 The bag it self is a damn zipper nest but hey it's
free so yeah..

Eiffel crane

Done. Might dab some paint on the alu bit and
switching the cable to a cloth covered one..

It can swing sideways, super usefull for precision cuisine.. (No not really but it adds to it..)

Artistic pic that hides the mess that is my kitchen..

Junk Lamp

Work in progress.. Kitchen lamp / IKEA mash up.

Need some more of my trademark eiffeling on the sides..

Breaking it down. L-M-A

So during juni cheated six times and slept inside, two at home, due to super shitty wheater/ work.
Four nights was spent at some one elses place, wich is important to..

I worked 17 nights, some day-evening shifts to.. After work i hopped on the bike and went to the Rain camp for a couple of hours of sleep, or just strung up the hammock some where if the wheater was ok.

I spent some afternoons at home with the kids who where visiting from out of town, hanging out, dinner stuff etc. And some afternoons washing up, refilling on food, swapping out gear, cat feeding etc before going to work at 21:00

Typically i woke up around eleven/twelwe (after a nightshift) Eating some breakfast, then of to a lake
for some reading-napping-bathing before going to work.. Over cast days i did a lot of biking/hiking/dicking around.

Free time/ days off work i spent mostly out  in Tyresta national park, biking out and then hiking the trails around the lakes, reading, taking naps samey stuff etc, then setting up camp for the night some where..

The main reason for this linked micro adventure* thing turning out so good is that the wheater has been pretty awesome, I think i had three or four rainy mornings that cleared up after a while. some random drizzles while out hiking amd one random hail storm..

Conclusion- Good times where had, Would do again.

*L-M-A..Linked Micro Adventures